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Notice Issued 5-29-13: The Abacus service will be discontinued after October 1, 2013. There will not be a replacement for the Abacus program going forward. Please direct all questions to the program manager, Dan Danahy, via email - abacus@ameren.com.

Abacus, the meter information management system from Ameren, combines state-of-the-art wireless meter technology with the power of the Internet, to provide you with a new way to monitor, track and record energy demand and usage.

Whether you are interested in your demand and usage for a single meter, a department, a building, an industrial process or an entire complex, Abacus can provide you with information you need to know now.

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Case Studies:Washington University - Savvis Center - Stag Investments

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The data included in the abacus web application may differ from the actual data used by Ameren in preparing your electric service bill. Ameren does not make any warranty or representation, express or implied, with regard to the usefulness or usability of this data, including its usefulness for any particular purpose or to any individual circumstances.